Welcome to the GoodOnNetflix Reboot

Monday, March 13th, 2017

No one outside the UK will get this reference

GoodOnNetflix used to be Netflix film reviews and very little else. Then I decided I also wanted to write about new releases and great movies that never make it to Netflix. I wondered if I could get away with writing about films for ‘GoodOnNetflix’ that were in fact ‘NotOnNetflix’ at all. Would it be so wrong if GoodOnNetflix does more than it says on the tin? After all, if Radio Times can branch out then why can’t I, right? At least I’ll still have what’s on the tin somewhere in the tin, unlike so-called Carphone Warehouse.  So here it is! I hope you like it.

Let’s cut to the chase

I’ll keep the existing write-ups, and add to them with the help of the excellent GoodOnNetflix contributors. Oh, and if you like their work then please comment on their reviews and follow them on Twitter. Furthermore, in response to relentless requests we’ll also be recommending and reviewing TV series on Netflix. I might even watch some of them myself, even though I haven’t seen one in years. Either way I’ll be blogging about anything I’ve seen or intend to see, whether it’s on Netflix or not. And because I appreciate the work of others (and I’m quite lazy), wherever possible I’ll link to the best commentary I can find rather than writing long-form reviews myself.

What’s next?

Now I need to figure out what I’m looking forward to the most in cinemas and on Netflix so I can fill out the lists on the right. Keeping those current will become a source of daily, underlying anxiety, won’t it? But right now I’m looking forward to it, so what the heck.

The obligatory (and ever-optimistic) call to action

Let me know what you think via your preferred social media platform. I would be especially delighted to hear from anyone that would like to contribute Netflix reviews.